Bling It On: Individualising Your Car With Accessories

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Bling It On: Individualising Your Car With Accessories

I'm Rick, and I'm in my early twenties. I have six older brothers, and we are all car crazy! Fortunately, my parents live on a few hectares, so we have somewhere to store the cars we are constantly refurbishing. Whilst some guys like buying really old cars and doing them up, I prefer to buy cars that are in reasonable condition and bling them up with accessories. From floor mats to navigation systems, I always keep my eyes open for anything new and interesting. Many of my friends bring their new cars to me for ideas about how to personalise them. I am usually able to give suggestions and direct them to the best suppliers. I realise that many others out there may be looking for ways to express their individuality through car accessories. I hope you find some inspiration within these pages. Please drive through!


Essential features to look for in your commercial bench seating.

The public transportation sector is one of the vital aids to global economic progress. Millions of people place a daily demand for a reliable  means of travel from homes to offices, factories, schools, businesses and learning institutions. This need sustains a vibrant transportation industry, with high-capacity vehicles being the primary asset. If you have a market share in the public conveyance industry and own some passenger vehicles, you must have at this time or other considered replacing your factory supplied seats with commercial bench seating. Settling on the right configuration of commercial bench seating isn't a simple touch-and-go undertaking.There are some essential features you must have in your ideal commercial bench seating.


Ensure that your benches incorporate sturdy and reliable anchoring points. This is because your vehicle will sometimes experience sudden jolts, jerks and bumps caused by uneven road features and emergency braking. The unequal forces acting on your benches at these instances will weaken or even break inferior bench anchoring attachments, with undesirable effect on the safety and comfort of the vehicle occupants.

Leg room

Regardless of duration of travel, your passengers need to be at ease while they are seated. One of the most annoying and discomfiting feature of vehicular travel is to crowd your knees into the back of the seat in front. When acquiring commercial bench seating, choose a model with an empty space underneath. This space will allow the person occupying the seat directly behind to stretch his legs for maximum ease. 

Seat belts

There is always the risk of passengers being ejected violently from their seating positions when collisions occur. To reduce risk of injury and even death in such accidental circumstances, your commercial bench seating must have seat belts attached at appropriate points. Another related feature to insist on is headrests. These should be amply padded and height-adjustable.


Your vehicle usually serves people in two periods of the day when they need to be relaxed. A hard and weary morning journey will spoil workers mood and productivity at work, while weary people going home need all the rest they can get. When choosing commercial bench seating, go for seats with firm, resilient padding, preferably bound in leather. When leather is not available, choose a surface material that is easy to clean, such as clear polymer sheets. For added comfort, the bottom and back padding should be contoured in a shallow bowl profile to accommodate the occupant in a comfortable pose.

For aesthetic purposes, choose the appropriate colour profile of your seats. Your passengers will appreciate an attractive environment.